Unlike other lawyers and immigration consultants, we are prepared to assume full responsibility for the quality of our services.  We do not delegate our professional duties to people who are not certified by the appropriate authorities to provide this kind of services, nor do we authorize our staff overseas to advise the clients on such matters.  Consequently, we have decided to engage in the future our personal responsibility when signing retainer agreements with our clients, instead of doing it as officers of a corporation, which would limit our liability to the corporate assets.   This is why you will see now on your contracts the name of our new company, “DG CERTIFIED IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS”, a partnership of fully accountable ICCRC  members.


 – FREE ASSESSMENT of your chances to obtain a Canadian Visa–Permanent or Temporary–under ALL Canadian immigration programs and based on the latest standards and policies in the field.

We have learnt from our twenty-year experience that most people end up getting incorrect self-assessments. Sometimes they manage however to succeed, because their miscalculation did not jeopardize their total immigration score; on the other hand, many of them, especially skilled workers, wait for years to see their applications finalized, only to learn that they have been rejected.  The problem is that, when trying to access the appropriate immigration information, it is very easy for the public at large to misunderstand the categories or the definitions depicted in the immigration guides.  This is because the current Canadian federal immigration system encompasses thousands of pages of parliament acts, government regulations and manuals – all of them in permanent motion – along with hundreds of court orders which can be very confusing, to say the least. The guides one can access on the Internet only offer a general picture of these rules, for the way they are to be construed and applied are mostly conveyed to the immigration officers via internal CIC operational bulletins. All of these factors call for qualified professional assistance if one is decided not to take any chances.

– TO ENHANCE YOUR CHANCES OF SUCCESS we give each and every case a careful and professional consideration. We have developed a set of strategies to address all the potential risks, in our submission letters that accompany the applications.

The current selection criteria set out in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR), and especially the Ministerial Instructions in force since June 2011 have dramatically increased the need for a perfectly prepared immigration file – be it permanent or temporary–and for continuous professional assistance until the resident visa has been issued.  What are the new features that have generated this need?

First, the Immigration Forms (which have to be filled out as part of your application) require very detailed, concordant and, sometimes, highly sensitive information.  The way the forms are filled out might expose the applicant to long delays and even to sudden rejection; besides, the applicant may not know if he/she made a mistake – especially a serious one – until many months later.   Please note that effective 26 June 2010 all applications prepared by Federal Skilled Workers must be filed with the Central Intake Office (CIO) in Sydney, Nova Scotia.   One single mistake might result in the whole file being returned to the client, which will often make the candidate fall beyond the five hundred files per occupation limit established on a yearly basis by the current Ministerial Instructions.

Secondly, the same Ministerial Instructions compels the applicants to provide from the very beginning a complete and comprehensive set of supporting documentation, including language test results, which calls for a very careful and time-consuming preparation.

            – By filing a WELL-PREPARED APPLICATION we will increase your chances to obtain an interview waiver.

Again, from our experience many of those who filed their applications without professional assistance of qualified immigration consultants are likely to be refused due to the above mentioned changes, sometimes without even being previously booked for an interview (the phrase used in this case is: “refused on paper screening”)

– We keep A PERMANENT CONTACT with the Canadian Authorities during the entire progress of your application and ADVISE you on each step that you are asked to take.

            – Before you attend an interview YOU WILL BE CAREFULLY COACHED by our experts in order to be able to meet the immigration requirements.

It is very important for you, when applying for immigration to Canada, to keep in mind that, in performing their assessment, immigration officers have, indeed, a duty to fairly treat each candidate. However, they do not have a duty to protect your interests in particular.  Given that the number of people who file applications each year is considerably higher than the annual level established by the government of Canada, the immigration officers are rather expected to act selectively, in order to choose those who they consider to be the best.  This is why it is our role, as your immigration consultants and Canadian legal representatives, to protect and promote your interests.

– We keep MONITORING the progress of your application until the Visa has been issued. Should any difficulty arise, our certified experts can access the entire information related to your case and act as appropriate, including by preparing a challenge before the Federal Court.

N.B. – People who desire to submit their applications under the Quebec immigration program must be aware that the current criteria, established in October 2006 and revised in October 2008, allow for frequent changes in the “List of areas of training” and for those changes to be retroactively applied.  Unless the candidates have access to information that allow them to foresee such an event, we strongly advise them to seek professional assistance in order to avoid being refused for reasons they were not aware of when they applied.

For more information on Quebec programs, see our NEWS page

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