Breaking News: List of occupations for FSWP?

Breaking News: List of occupations for FSWP?

In a surprising announcement made using the Twitter, Mr. Jason Kenney, the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, indicated on 21 February 2013 that the new Federal Skilled Workers Program expected to come into force in May 2013 will include not only a numerical cap (which we have already known), but will also be “limited to certain occupational categories”.  It is not very clear if this statement refers to an actual list of specific occupations, or involves generic categories borrowed from the National Occupational Classification (NOC).

Mr. Kenney then twitted that “We’ve decided to release the list of designated educational assessment agencies at same time as the occupations list, in April.”

It is thus obvious that no one will be able to file the application in May (provided his/her occupation is included in the list), if one doesn’t take the risk of starting to collect the documents right away and pass in advance the language test(s) as required by the new FSWP rules.  It is up to each candidate to ponder whether it is worth taking this risk, or wait until the list is posted and face the possibility of seeing the cap reached before she/he has been able to file the application.

Given these last unexpected developments, we undertake to keep our clients’ files in abeyance and either to proceed with the filing once the list has been posted and the system comes into force, or to explore all other options that fit their background in case their occupations are not included in the list.

More to come on this site when an actual official communiqué has been made by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.


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